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Demystifying Facial Toners

January 23, 2017 Mediterra Skin Care

What goes around comes around rings true even in the world of skincare. Once upon a time toner was woven into strict skincare regimens pushed by house moms and magazines everywhere, but it seemed that no one knew quite what the toner did.

The landscape of skincare has changed dramatically since the days of witch hazel doused facial toners. Today's toners are formulated to tackle a number of our most pressing facial cleansing concerns. From oily skin to lasting hydration, there’s a toner out there for you. Dermatologists and leading makeup artists alike boast the restorative and protective power of toner and suggest that we all find a toner to love and use.

So exactly what is this magical skincare elixir and how do we use it? Toner is suggested for use after cleansing and before application of any moisturizers or healing creams. Many people believe that it can actually help prepare the skin to accept other skin treatments. Certain ingredients have anti-inflammatory and humectant properties, thus binding moisture to the skin and soothing any redness and inflammation.

Another reason to swipe this liquid gold over your face and décolletage is protection. Properly used, toner can help to shrink and tighten pores in order to keep out impurities. Our skin is naturally a touch acidic, but cleansers can make the skin overly alkaline leaving the skin vulnerable to the everyday sweat, oil, and grime of the world. Facial toners work to restore the skin’s pH balance.

A number of different ingredients can be used to formulate facial toners, but you should avoid witch hazel and other ingredients with astringent properties used in the toners of yesteryear unless you have oily skin. We chose an ingredient used in beauty treatments throughout the middle east for centuries - hydrating rose water.

Rose water is a by-product of the rose oil distillation process of fresh rose petals. Mediterra Pure Rose Toner is made with fresh roses from Kelaa M’Gouna in Morocco, believed to be home to the most beautiful roses in the world. Rose water is great for all skin types. It helps control excess oil, hydrates the skin, and its anti-inflammatory properties naturally soothes the skin. The subtle, lovely scent of roses can also act as a mood booster.

Dust off the bottle of toner you have stashed away under the cupboard. Even the best foundations and concealers need a fresh, blank canvas to work their magic and you just might find that hydrating, pH balancing toner lessens your need for them altogether. No matter what your skin woes are - inflammation, dry skin, or oily skin - toner is an invaluable addition to your skincare regimen.


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